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Phil Murphy, Kim Guadagno hit campaign trail one last time before Election Day

Gubernatorial candidates catch up with voters to see who they want to win


WATCHUNG — New Jersey gubernatorial candidates, Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno, are making one last push on the campaign trail before Election Day.

Voter James Cody said property taxes is the number one issue for him.

“I had friends that had to move because of it,” said Cody, who plans to vote for Murphy.

Plainfield resident Evelyn Andrews said she also wants to see new leadership.

“I'm hoping tomorrow, everyone goes and votes and makes sure they get Christie out of there. We don't need him in there; we need new government,” Andrews said.

Political analysts say record low voter turnout could happen. Voter turnout has been down the last three times New Jersey has voted for governor.

“I just hope a lot of people get out and vote because low turnout resulted in the president we have today,” Cody said.

Phil Murphy has had a double-digit lead in the polls for months but Guadagno dismisses the polls and sees momentum going her way.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

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