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Report: Women in the tri-state area the nation's most stressed

The study found that women are stressed by multiple factors, including work-life balance and personal and family health


NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. — According to a new study from the Northwell and Katz Institute for Women's Health along with NRC Health, women in the tri-state area are the most stressed-out women in the nation.

"We always joke about the red cape that every woman puts on when she wakes up each morning," said Dr Stacey Rosen, Vice-President of Women's Health at Northwell Health. "We work, we take care of our families."

The study showed that the main factors stressing women were work-life balance, household income or medical bills, as well as personal and family health.

Health officials say that everyone gets stressed, but what is most important is how one manages the stress.

"People who are constantly under stress have higher blood pressure, have less good sleep at night," said Dr. Rosen. "Find something you enjoy, and do a it a little bit every day. ... be empowered for your own health."

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