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Russian spy home in Montclair to get a facelift

Neighbors are hoping for a new future for the home and the area


A home on Marquette Road in Montclair where Russian spies lived in until being arrested in 2010 will get a facelift.

The house has recently been purchased by a company in Clifton. That company plans to flip it so that it's no longer an eyesore for this community.

Neighbor Joshua Weiss says, "It was always this thing the neighbors would talk about but now that is for sale, maybe we can just move on and be done with it hopefully."

Some of the changes set for the house include a new roof, new siding, and additions, like a finished basement.

Weiss has lived in Montclair since 2014. He hopes the changes create value on his street.

"The house has not been maintained while it’s been in limbo,” says Weiss. “So if someone is willing to fix it up and put the work in, obviously it can add value to the neighborhood."

Other neighbors all seemed to tell the same story. They're tired of telling the same old story about the Russian spies down the road.

They're hoping that a new future for the home leads to a new future for the neighborhood.

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