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Rutgers University renames apartments after 19th-century feminist Sojourner Truth

Students say they are happy to see a civil rights icon honored at their school


A number of students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick are experiencing history as they move back into a new building for the fall semester.

The new apartments are complete with a Starbucks, a giant screen projecting the best of Rutgers sports, and a Surf Taco restaurant.

"It's beautiful. Like having an apartment in New York City," senior Rishi Kanoongo said.

The start of a new school year is a new beginning for students and for the building that will house them. The apartment has been renamed after 19th-century civil rights hero Sojourner Truth to remind each student of the real reason why education is so important.

"...Rutgers is honoring someone as important as Sojourner Truth, as well as the other activists and people who fought for human rights in general," said student Alison Chomsky.

A Rutgers University spokesperson says there is no statue or historical information up to remind students of Truth’s legacy, who was born into slavery before escaping and becoming a civil rights icon when she became the first black woman to win a case against a white man.

But based on these college students, her work lives on.

"I feel like this is a great thing that they're doing because sometimes people like this are forgotten as time passes,” Kanoongo's said. “The fact that Rutgers is naming a new building that's brand new on probably their most popular campus is amazing."

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