Emily GirschMay 3, 2018, 10:55 pm

Sen. Menendez slams adversaries, refuses to resign

The Senator went on the offensive after being questioned about the Senate Ethics Committee formally admonishing him


EDISON — Senator Bob Menendez launched an attack against his adversaries on Thursday after being questioned about his recent admonishment by the Senate Ethics Committee.

"A jury of New Jerseyans overwhelmingly decided they rejected the government's case," Menendez said. "They criticized the government for bringing such a case, a federal judge exonerated us of the most significant charges, nearly half of the charges, and then the Department of Justice under the Trump administration dismissed it. I think that speaks volumes about what really went on here."

Menendez was admonished for his failure to disclose gifts he had received from Dr. Salomon Melgen. The Senate Ethics Committee has also required Menendez to pay back the value of all the improper gifts he received.

Menendez also responded to likely Republican challenger Bob Hugin, who has called on him to resign.

"First of all, I am not resigning and if anything, Bob Hugin should search his conscience over what he did to cancer patients under his leadership," Menendez said.

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