Arnold GodoySep 7, 2017, 10:57 amSep 7, 2017, 11:26 am

Keeping tradition alive: NJ town, namesake of flood ravaged Somerville, TX lends helping hand

Mayor of Somerville, NJ says he plans to work with other states that share town name to aid with Harvey relief efforts


Over the years Somerville, New Jersey has helped and been helped by other towns across the nation also called Somerville. Now, Mayor Brian Gallagher wants to continue that tradition and help Somerville, Texas, which was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey last week.

Gallagher says the tradition reportedly started back in 1989 when his town came to the aid of Summerville, South Carolina in the days following Hurricane Hugo.

South Carolina returned the favor when the Garden State was hit by Sandy. Now Mayor Gallagher wants to pass it on to another Somerville town in need. He spoke with the leaders of Somerville, Texas and found out nearly a quarter of the town's residents are said to have lost their homes to flood waters.

The mayor is asking for community members to donate cash to help the Texas community. He also plans to reach out to Summerville, South Carolina and Somerville, Massachusetts to work together in helping their sister city.

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