Charles WatsonMay 18, 2017, 5:56 pm

Student in Basking Ridge dies after allegedly playing ‘choking game’

Community members say they are in shock after hearing about the death

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Community members in Basking Ridge say they are in shock after learning that a student at William Annin Middle School had died as a result of the once popular “choking game”.

According to a letter sent by Superintendent of Schools Nick Markarian, the child died after playing the game which can also be known as “space monkey,” the “fainting game” and “flatliner.”

The game apparently helps participants achieve a rush of euphoria by briefly depriving the brain of oxygen, causing them to pass out.

The Superintendent says that children between the ages of 9 and 16 are most likely to experiment with the game, and he warned parents that videos of the game are easily accessible on YouTube.

Parents are being advised to look out for signs their children could be playing the game, like bloodshot eyes, broken blood vessels on the face and eyes, and mood swings.

Markarian is urging parents to talk to their children about the dangerous consequences of the game.


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