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Student roundtable in Summit talks ways to continue the fight against gun violence

Westfield High School, Summit High School and Governor Livingston High School students attended the meeting


SUMMIT — Students from Westfield High School, Summit High School, and Governor Livingston High School gathered on Tuesday for a roundtable discussion on gun violence and gun control.

"Students are doing an incredible job saying, 'This is enough, never again,'" said Lauren Plattman, a senior at Governor Livingston High School.

The discussion, organized by Linda Weber, a Democratic candidate for congress in New Jersey's 7th District, touched on banning assault weapons, strengthening background checks, and reducing magazine capacity. The attendees said that they are also planning on making their voices heard on election day in November.

"We are demanding change, and if we don't get it, we're going to vote people out of office," said Thomas Quinn, a senior at Summit High School.

Students from all three schools said they were planning walkouts to continue the discussion and protest gun violence.

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