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Talking to kids about school shootings

Advice from experts on how to approach the topic with your children


JERSEY CITY — How can parents explain topics like a school shooting to their children? FiOS1 News spoke with Dr. Sally Mravcak, the lead physician at Vanguard Medical Group, about what parents can do.

"As a general rule, you want to make sure you are reassuring to the kids; finding out what the kid knows; finding out if they have concerns; and targeting the kids who might be at risk for depression, for anxiety, or to have trouble coping with the situation," Dr. Mravcak said.

While some chilren can cope after tragedies like the most recent school shooting, others might be at risk. Parents should look out for things like changes in their children's behavior, isolating themselves, irritability, a change in appetite, an increase in crying, or a drop-off in school performance.

Dr. Mravcak told FiOS1 News that the most important thing is keeping an open line of communication with your children.

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