Michael Cohen is discussing possible plea deal with federal prosecutors

Minimum Wage


Phil Murphy outlines views on policy initiatives, social justice, gun reform

$8.60 minimum wage barely scratches the 21st-century definition of poverty, says Murphy

Jim Tedesco outlines battling opioid epidemic, improvement of infrastructure as some of the goals yet to be achieved

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy attends Newark roundtable, with some of the states struggling workforce

Gov.-elect says he’ll raise minimum wage, offer more paid time off for families

A raise-the-wage event will be held Monday in Trenton

Workers will see a slight increase, from $8.38 to $8.44 an hour

The governor says increasing the minimum wage would hike up the cost of food at places like Pennington Market where he signed the veto

The current minimum wage in the Garden State is $8.38, would raise it over the next 15 years

It will be a boost for majority of workers 20 years old and up, says report

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