Government Shutdown


If a state budget is not enacted, state parks, public beaches and government offices would face a shutdown

Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney said he will advance a budget that substitutes Gov. Phil Murphy's proposed income and sales tax increases for a surcharge on businesses while adding millions of dollars more in other spending

Lawmakers vote to pass a new budget, re-open the federal government

Paul was seeking a vote on reversing spending increases and refused to speed things up when he was denied

The short-term spending bill will hold up for 3 weeks

Law enforcement officers, other government employees work without pay until the federal government reopens

Lawmakers play the blame game as talks over immigration stall

"We're doing fine," Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said of the bill heading for a vote in his chamber Thursday night. "I have confidence we'll pass this."

Senate passes bill to keep government running through Jan. 19

The measure would keep the government running through Dec. 22, when another, and more difficult, shutdown problem awaits

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