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Lawmakers vote to pass a new budget, re-open the federal government

After multiple instances of parents behaving badly at games, one youth soccer league has banned all cheering and jeering at games

Governor orders all closed state parks to reopen on Independence Day

It will feature tasty desserts and auction for hockey stick signed by the Rangers

Incident happened Wednesday during NJ City University’s commencement ceremony

Pava Dama, 33, was ticketed for several offenses, including careless driving, crossing a double yellow line and using a cellphone while driving

Piazza fell down a flight of frat house stairs and died from traumatic brain injury after the frat waited nearly 12 hours to call for help

Florist bakery churns out beautiful and tasty creations for your loved ones

Expert shares advice so that you don’t rack up your bills during the season of gift giving

Laws nationwide are mixed on whether voters are allowed to take photos of themselves voting and ballots

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