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1st Class Seaman Michael Decicco, 96, says he will spend Pearl Harbor Day reflecting on his time serving our nation

Drug Enforcement Agents say they found a large number of chemicals that could be used to make drugs

Note about explosive devices found inside the shopping center, security officials say

The dress, which Monroe was literally sewn into, can be seen at the Mana Contemporary through Oct. 22

Members of the Rockettes highlighted Van Dyk’s Ice Cream Shop as one of the places residents can “Make Time for Joy”

Authorities say a man with a knife lunged at a police officer, and shots were fired; the suspect is currently in custody

"It's very similar to the Boston bombing"

Officials said they were happy to partner with toy maker Playmobil on the new facility

Hoboken-based school made the announcement in order to show support for raising public awareness about mental health issues

Mayor Lester Taylor said his administration is reaching out to community stakeholders to identify quality of life issues

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