Pres. Trump says he'll be 'signing something' soon to end policy of separating immigrant families at the border

Courtney Kane


The incident was apparently caused by malfunctioning water heaters; no-one complained of any illnesses

The campus is hosting several activities during opening week to help students squash homesickness and make new friends

When companies would not help resident with non-working solar panels, FiOS1 News got results

A New York City woman infected her male partner with Zika virus through sex, the first time female-to-male transmission of the germ has been documented

Officials say officers will only disrupt protesters if they damage property or hurt others

The community's 600-year-old White Oak is rotting from the inside out

Swimmers in Deal were told to get out of the ocean for almost 2 hours Thursday

Mayor Ras Baraka and other dignitaries paid tribute to the young artists at Roberto Clemente Elementary School

Experts say once a mural is painted onto a wall, it serves as a deterrent for graffiti

The school board voted to again provide busing for students who live one and a half or more miles from school

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