Corruption Trial


Jurors continue deliberations in corruption trial of Joseph Percoco

Jurors say they 'are largely divided in opposing views'

Deliberations began last week, but the jury restarted on Monday after a juror was excused for a previously scheduled vacation and was replaced by an alternate

If the panel fails to reach a verdict, U.S. District Judge William Walls will have to weigh how long to let them continue before declaring a mistrial

Deliberations will continue Monday with an alternate member

The definition of official bribery was altered by a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year, that overturned the conviction of a former Virginia governor

Attorneys filed the motion over the weekend accusing judge of unfairly limiting what evidence or witnesses they could present

Menendez: "I am deeply disappointed that it came to the point that my lawyers had to make the motion they made today"

Wednesday's testimony revolved around what Menendez did and didn't report on Senate ethics forms over several years

Defendants argued charges should be dropped because they didn't meet narrower definition of bribery under 2016 US Supreme Court ruling

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