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Heavy, wet snow and gusting winds could take down trees and snap power lines already weakened from last week's storm, adding to stress for customers who've gone days without power

Michael Schmitt, 18, is one of a reported 16 individuals who have been charged with allegedly making threats against schools in New Jersey

An emotional hearing covered the details of the bills but also larger questions about interpreting the Second Amendment

Lakewood Middle and High School were placed on lockdown after a message was sent to police threatening 'to cause harm'

Over 1,000 young men and women visit the Prudential Center to learn important job-search skills

Law to restrict people with criminal backgrounds to vote dates back to 1844

The 10-year-old boy who was shot in his Ridge Avenue home has been identified as Yovanni Banos-Merino

The office of the New Jersey Coordinator of Addiction Response and Enforcement Strategies will help take on the fight against opioids in NJ

A building developer offered rent-free apartments to members of law enforcement willing to live in the neighborhoods they patrol

It's the first bill that Gov. Phil Murphy has signed into law since succeeding Christie, who vetoed the spending throughout his 2 terms

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Jersey City, New Jersey