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Potentially harmful chemicals are being released into the air from the Quanta Resources Superfund site

Passenger recorded incident on-board New York City-bound bus traveling through Secaucus

Many sports leagues have expressed concerns about the varied betting rules each state could pass, where bets could be placed, and who would be overseeing them

Jamil Hubbard, 25, allegedly targeted Jerry Wolkowitz, 55, because of his race

Prosecutors say he committed murder for ‘no reason’

Monmouth officials call the decision a 'victory for New Jersey'

An alert was issued for anyone who visited any of 4 separate locations

According to Daytop New Jersey, 1 in 10 children have mental health conditions, and 70 percent are not receiving treatment

Verizon’s Innovation Design Thinking Program pairs kids with rising companies

The controversy over the Katyn memorial has sparked strong emotions in Poland

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