Josh Gottheimer


U.S. Congress candidate talks national politics, taxes, NJ economy

The legislation would require states to send notices of motor vehicle violations to a federal database, which then would notify school districts or private bus companies within 24 hours

Some officials say battling tariffs between China and the United States could trickle down and impact consumers and workers

Rep. Josh Gottheimer criticized North Carolina, Alabama and others for taking federal funds while trying to cut funding from the Gateway Project

Congressman says that he has met with President Trump and his administration to ensure funds make their way to New Jersey

Jim Tedesco outlines battling opioid epidemic, improvement of infrastructure as some of the goals yet to be achieved

The FASTER Act would allow law enforcement to freeze the bank accounts of suspected terrorists

Congressman Gottheimer celebrates with local leaders and advocates in front of Ridgewood pride flag

Representative will be heading down to DC for Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday

Mayor of Mahwah Bill Laforet, Rep. Josh Gottheimer push back

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