President Donald Trump


Kavanaugh and his now-public accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, each indicated a willingness to testify about the accusation that he had sexually assaulted her in high school

The deal gives special counsel Robert Mueller a key cooperator who steered the Trump election effort for a pivotal stretch of the 2016 presidential campaign

The president said it was a 'gutless editorial' and 'really a disgrace,' and his press secretary called on the official to resign

Democratic senators warned that Trump was 'selecting a justice on the Supreme Court who potentially will cast a decisive vote in his own case'

Confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh will begin on Tuesday

Trump accused Cohen of making up "stories in order to get a 'deal'" from federal prosecutors

Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen: 'Our democracy is in the crosshairs'

Trump said Tuesday that he's 'looking into' the idea, saying making 3D plastic guns available to the public 'doesn't seem to make much sense!'

Hudson, Bergen and Essex counties are collecting about $6 million per month combined from Immigration and Customs Enforcement in exchange for holding immigrants in their jails

Trump's pomp-filled visit to the U.K. was overshadowed by an explosive interview in The Sun newspaper

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