Initial reports indicated one person was being treated for an injury, and preliminary reports were that the injury wasn't life-threatening

City council raises concerns on how pot dispensary could affect quality of life and crime in city

Lawmakers aim to open dialogue between VA officials and women who served in the armed forces

Officials say 10 displaced after Cambridge Avenue house ignited by down power line

The suspect, Louis Pizzi, is facing numerous charges, including armed robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon

Suspect usually demands money and then begins counting down from 15 or 10

Local law enforcement briefed teachers on Internet threats and school swatting incidents

Paul Mellor and Danielle Szep faced suspension for including their gear in their online wedding invitation

Paul Mellor and Danielle Szep celebrated their nuptials by including their firefighting gear in their wedding invitation

PSE&G are working to restore power to all affected customers

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