Lt. Christopher Robateau was killed helping a motorist on the New Jersey Turnpike

Fires in Kearny and Newark left several families homeless

Towns and cities across the state have had plows and salt trucks deployed for hours to try and clear the roads

Paul Leber, 38, became trapped inside of the store and had to be rescued

Federal Transit Administration criticized the states' reliance on a 50-50 funding agreement with the federal government dating back to the Obama administration

For one family in Newark, bundling up from head to toe hasn't been enough

The extent of the damage at 'Famous Restaurant' is currently unclear

Newark Police Officers, volunteers shower children with gifts and best wishes

Shooting comes a month after the deadly carjacking of Shuri Henry, officials say

Firefighters hear the sound of a transformer blowing, battle multiple-car fire

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Broken Clouds