Democrats in New Jersey staged a walkout from the state house in Trenton in support of Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez

The bill will require the legislature to adopt and distribute a policy prohibiting sexual harassment

Verizon Communications donated backpacks filled with notebooks, calculators and other necessities to 250 students at Robbins Elementary School

If a state budget is not enacted, state parks, public beaches and government offices would face a shutdown

The budget comes as a June 30 deadline for a balanced budget approaches

Murphy said he would veto any proposal sent to his desk that had unsustainable and temporary revenues

Authorities say gang-related shooting at arts festival left 1 man dead, 22 injured

The measures will lower magazine capacity from 15 rounds to 10, require background checks for private gun sales and more

The bill is now with Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, whose office won't say when he might act on it

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Jersey City, New Jersey