Trump himself took a hard line on the crisis, accusing the Democrats of telling "phony stories of sadness and grief."

The Trump administration says it doesn't like the family separations, but migrants who arrive illegally simply won't be released or loosely kept track of

At least 3 victims have been taken to a nearby hospital, their condition is currently unknown

Experts say that the change could bring in as much as $850M for the state

The new bridge is the first Port Authority Bridge to open since 1931

Closing windows, using filters help individuals to breathe easier during allergy season

‘He was the go-to man in the African-American community statewide’

Menendez’s ‘America’s College Promise Act’ would provide a federal match to state’s dollar

Felipe Cadet, 21, Don Lafortune, 23 are both in custody; police are still searching for Sharif Robinson, 27, Jonathan Philippe, 25

State AG: Question threatens to unfairly represent states with immigrants because it could diminish their involvement

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