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Politicians band together for a non-partisan issue

Balcony railing wasn't stable and should have been replaced by the landlord, the family says

A 9-year-old boy died and a 13-year-old was hospitalized after falling to the ground from the home's second floor

Senior center also does home deliveries through Meals on Wheels

Officials say that water, canned foods, diapers and baby formula is needed to send to people in Puerto Rico

The event looks to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and let addicts know there is help

The student who was burned was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment

147 years ago, Thomas Mundy Peterson and Marcus Curless made history by becoming the first African-Americans to vote in the US

Many more people living in the United States illegally could face rapid deportation — including people simply arrested for traffic violations

Community was asked to move cars in middle of night for snow cleanup

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