Perth Amboy


Undocumented workers were allegedly employed at the factory, working over 100 hours a week

Victims were paid approximately $290 a week to work 70 to100-hour work weeks

In 2012 passport application, Ahmad Khan Rahami listed address in the city

The suspects broke into Ruby’s Jeweler and stole more than $100K worth of jewelry, authorities say

Officials say the 'augmented reality' game is posing safety concerns for users

Organizers say the fees collected and funds raised in a silent auction will go to the U.S. Coast Guard Foundation

Power suddenly went out during a meeting between the school board and teachers arguing for better health benefits

Firefighters have been at the scene all night

Carlos Beltran spoke to students at the Academy for Urban Leadership

Crews from nearby Keasbey and Woodbridge assisted in extinguishing flames

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