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Red Cross, Union City work to provide temporary assistance to survivors

Sports betting venues in the state took in over $16M in wagers and collected $3.5M in gross revenue between June 14 and June 30

Trump's pomp-filled visit to the U.K. was overshadowed by an explosive interview in The Sun newspaper

This is the second recall effort against Bill Laforet

Officials describe 2 recent murders as isolated events and not random acts of violence

Authorities say a pickup truck driven by 44-year-old Alvin Hubbard III crossed the median for unknown reasons and hit the family's minivan

Trump's celebration comes against the backdrop of Harley-Davidson moving some motorcycle production overseas to avoid European Union tariffs

If a state budget is not enacted, state parks, public beaches and government offices would face a shutdown

Trump now has a chance to nominate a second justice who could cement the court's conservative bend and deliver Republican victories for years to come

Analysts say motorists can expect to spend over $200 more on gas this season due to high demand and crude oil prices

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