Prescription Drugs


A report by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes claims that 2016 legislation helped fuel the nation's opioid crisis

The city has filed a civil suit against 11 manufacturers, including the makers of Oxycontin

Congressman Frank Pallone visits a senior center in Piscataway to rally for affordable prices

Christie: 'I believe that treatment is the only way we're going to get through this crisis'

Authorities say Craig Gialanela is allegedly responsible for writing fake oxycodone prescriptions in exchange for cash

Woods couldn't follow simple instructions or keep his balance during a dazed and disoriented encounter with police, authorities say

The new law limits the initial supply of pain pills that can be prescribed and aids people getting into addiction treatment

People can anonymously drop off medication at sites across the nation

Officials say doctors having access to bi-state database allows them to identify someone that may be addicted

Parents say they haven’t received any emails from the school regarding the pills regarding an investigation

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