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Residents say fire department evacuated units near New Fairview Avenue

Linda Daniels’ daughter claims PSE&G was aware that her mother relied on electrical-powered oxygen tank

Roof of home partially collapsed as firefighters doused flames on Urban Place

Authorities: Woman told police she was protesting separation of migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border

Police are not ruling out the possibility Eric Plett made it ashore; he has not contacted anyone

Officials insist water is safe to drink; any lead found was attributed to pipes and privately-owned service lines

Proposed legislation aims to discourage use for environmental reasons

Ruvee Yao, 42, who died in the inferno and ran learning center in 1 of 3 razed buildings, identified as victim

School officials blame increase in education and healthcare costs for lack of funding

Police, board of education have not been able to identify who made the threat, classes continue anyway

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Jersey City, New Jersey
Broken Clouds