Ravi Bhalla


Critics say Mayor Ravi Bhalla's side job as a counsel to a Morristown law firm could distract him from his duties

The task force will partner with organizations across the city to give people resources to stay off the streets long-term

New York Waterways say they want to use the site for a ferry maintenance facility

Hoboken mayor, NJ governor make compromise over waterfront property

Ahead of special board meeting, NJT announces motives outside of Bhalla’s plans

Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a letter that he was disappointed by NJ Transit's timeline

Pamphlets contained the word ‘terrorism’ over image of Ravi Bhalla

Ravi Bhalla says he plans on prioritizing infrastructure and commuting

Doubts linger over whether the two parties can reach a pact to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation, sharpen border security and take other steps to curb immigration

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