Drug Abuse


FiOS1 News speaks with 3 women working to raise awareness in the wake of immeasurable heartache

Community members gathered for a discussion on fighting the opioid epidemic focused on prevention and raising awareness

Daytop New Jersey has been offering treatment for adolescents and adults battling addiction

Authorities say the area's drug problem is the worst it's been in over a decade

Attendees at the meeting spoke out about ways that the epidemic has affected them and their families

A report by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes claims that 2016 legislation helped fuel the nation's opioid crisis

The city has filed a civil suit against 11 manufacturers, including the makers of Oxycontin

Christie's task force on drug abuse offered 40 recommendations to combat drug addiction

Authorities say Craig Gialanela is allegedly responsible for writing fake oxycodone prescriptions in exchange for cash

The arrests are part of en effort to take on the opioid abuse epidemic in New Jersey

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