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Body camera footage by Officers Chris Clune and Arthur Barnek detail rescue on Maidenstone Drive

The transit agency screened 373 engineers for sleep disorders, and 57 were taken out of service until a full study could be conducted

Vito Perillo defeated Tinton Falls Mayor Gerald Turning in the nonpartisan municipal race

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart plans to increase police presence

Demolition will take 10 hours and should be completed by 6 a.m. on Saturday

The act comes after white pride recruitment posters were found on buildings around campus

Police are encouraging parents of the importance of checking candy and safe trick-or-treating

400 students in the city's public schools are part of a fundraising challenge focusing on generating ideas to respond to natural disasters

The utility has spent $1.2B raising and reinforcing substations to prevent future power outages from flooding

Posts made by Prof. Michael Chikindas show cartoons depicting Jews as being in control of the media, the federal reserve and more

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