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100 percent of proceeds will go to program that trains, pays its workers

Protesters say that the 'Fight for $15' is about health and stability for their families

Demonstrators call on government for immediate federal action to aid island by canceling billions of dollars owed to Wall Street

S.E. Daughtridge says he was able to salvage 10 out of the 40 pounds of honey they left behind

Prominent Latina women from various fields held a panel to discuss personal and professional challenges during the event

The unidentified victim's body was recovered from Lake Topenums

Opponents of the statue say that Bradley, the town's founder, promoted racial discrimination and segregation

FiOS1 News spoke with Jimmy Davis about the city's highs, lows, ongoing developments and future

Senior center also does home deliveries through Meals on Wheels

Officials say that water, canned foods, diapers and baby formula is needed to send to people in Puerto Rico

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