Sussex County


Congressman Josh Gottheimer at ‘Cup of Joe with Josh’ town hall meeting

District may modify calendar after students begin classes 8 days later than originally scheduled

FiOS1 News' Meteorologist Brian Fitzgerald has the Fourth of July forecast

FiOS1 News’ Meteorologist Geoff Bansen has an extended outlook as the Garden State enters 4th day of extreme heat

FiOS1 News’ Meteorologist Geoff Bansen has the outlook for Day 3 of the heat wave impacting the Garden State

Affected residents say they’re optimistic they won’t be in the dark for much longer

Winds knock down power lines and trees on to roadways throughout community

Tasting German Food in Stanhope

Wings Heat Up the Dining Scene in Stanhope

Richard Wahl, 47, who claims $533M prize had moved from Michigan to the Garden State last July

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