Monmouth County prosecutors investigating deadly late-night shooting in Asbury Park



Residents say they are happy local officials are taking on the congestion issues during rush hour

Drivers who travel on borough roads during rush hour face $200 fine

Borough began restricting access to local roads during rush hour in response to navigation apps that reroute vehicles into community

Drivers who cut through Leonia during the morning or evening rush hours could face $200 fine

Take Back Our Streets initiative aims to prevent traffic on local streets from GWB

Company behind plans says Greenwood Ave. location is ideal due to proximity to Rt-287, community college

The Hum Rider uses hydraulics to 'elevate' driver experience, while the Hum x is a smart device for vehicles

Victim driving car involved in collision with tractor-trailer has not yet been identified

Immigrant rights group was demanding equal rights and pay for immigrants

Ruptures happened in Woodbridge, Verona, Little Falls and Newark starting Tuesday morning

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