Hudson County


Pollos A La Brasa, Arepa and More in Union City

Officials say the new policy amends all marijuana-related offenses to local ordinance offenses

Officials: 13-year-old died from injuries sustained during fire on 25th Street

8 firefighters were treated at hospitals, mostly for smoke inhalation or heat-related issues

The Rock the Blocks event is designed to bring police and the community closer

FiOS1 News' Meteorologist Brian Fitzgerald has the Fourth of July forecast

FiOS1 News’ Meteorologist Geoff Bansen has an extended outlook as the Garden State enters 4th day of extreme heat

Residents hope traffic congestion will ease in areas around newly-renovated span

FiOS1 News’ Meteorologist Geoff Bansen has the outlook for Day 3 of the heat wave impacting the Garden State

Proposed legislation aims to discourage use for environmental reasons

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