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Tenafly PD release video that shows Caren Turner attempting to pull rank on officers who pulled over her daughter for expired registration

Jonathan Bustios and Eudy Ramos are accused of taking cash and items after searching vehicles

Mayor: Borough council plans to vote on eliminating police force and enter into shared services with neighboring community

District’s decision for extra security measure is in response to shooting in Parkland, Florida

District was initially going to open with extra police presence, but undetermined threat merited full closings

Some parents and students say they still feel nervous despite the extra police presence

District superintendent: Student who was arrested and charged for allegedly posting threat will not return to school

Mayor Bill Laforet had called for an armed patrol officer in every school in the township

Body camera footage by Officers Chris Clune and Arthur Barnek detail rescue on Maidenstone Drive

Three officers were treated for injuries at an area hospital

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