Emily DroobyJan 7, 2018, 8:23 pm

Tenants say ongoing heating issue makes their homes ‘colder than it is outside’

Jersey City residents say they’ve been dealing with frigid indoor temperatures for several weeks


JERSEY CITY — Tenants at a New Jersey apartment building have been without heat for days now, creating a dangerous situation for the families living there.

Several tenants of the Booker T. Washington Housing Complex say they are dealing with freezing cold conditions in the city-run complex, some with newborns and toddlers in the building. Residents were told the low indoor temperatures are caused by timers, but residents say they have had heat issues since December. Several tenants have attempted to use an emergency hotline number for the building, but say their calls were never answered.

FiOS1 News called both numbers and found that one was disconnected while the other rang until it hung up.

The Jersey City Housing Authority has yet to respond to requests for comment, but their acting executive director, Stephen Cea, confirmed in interviews with other media outlet that they've been having issues with the heating since installing the new boiler system. Cea also reportedly thought the heating issue was resolved, but after the issue came back up on Wednesday, the housing authority says they're working hard to fix it again. Engineers are slated to be on hand this Thursday. Cea also promised that the hotline will be fixed.

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