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First on FiOS1: New Livingston boxing program designed to beat Parkinson’s

Patients are seeing results through this form of exercise


Judy Bornstein is doing her best to punch out her Parkinson’s disease. The grandmother of 11 children works with a personal trainer, takes dance classes, and even tai chi.

Bornstein has seen results since she started training at a Rock Steady Boxing program in Livingston which is tailored for people with Parkinson’s.

“This is definitely more intense,” Bornstein said.

It’s an intensity fellow boxer Pat Stein notices too.

“They encourage you to go beyond what you normally do. It gives you a better workout, and it tests your limits,” Stein said.

The workout helps Parkinson’s patients build on areas where they may be limited, like in their balance and coordination.

“Moving around is difficult for me. This works on those issues and helps me overcome them,” Alan Czeiler said.

The program allows patients to overcome both physical and mental issues that come with the disease.

“One of the patients told us she's noticing things just as simple as writing checks and paying bills,” program director Diana Toto said.

The program gives patients an outlet to challenge themselves and, in turn, leads to positive results.

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