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Tips to keep your children safe as flu season continues to rage

Health experts advise parents to take their children to a health care provider at the first sign of any symptoms


MONTVILLE — Medical officials are urging parents to be aware of the signs of the flu after the New Jersey Department of Health confirmed the state's second flu-related pediatric death since December on Monday.

Health officials confirmed that Nevaeh Hernandez, a kindergarten student at Lincoln School in North Bergen, died from influenza.

"The thing is with flu symptoms, they come on really fast, within the first 24 hours," said Dr. Pareen Lapsiwala of the Vanguard Medical Group.

Dr. Lapsiwala says that it is crucial that parents take their child to their primary doctor at the first sign of symptoms, or, if the doctor is unavailable, taking them to a urgent care center or emergency room. She also notes that it is crucial for parents and those who care for the elderly to know what symptoms to look for so they can act quickly.

"Upper respiratory symptoms, sore throat, stuffy, runny nose, headaches and body aches, fatigue, those are very, very common symptoms," Dr. Lapsiwala said.

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