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Visitors of Jersey City 9/11 memorial reflect on solidarity, hope

Many people spent the day remembering victims at the Empty Sky Memorial


Of the nearly 3,000 people who died on Sept. 11, 749 were from New Jersey.

The Empty Sky Memorial in Liberty State Park is dedicated to them, named after a Bruce Springsteen song about the view of the sky without the iconic twin towers.

On each of two tall walls which depict the towers are the names of New Jerseyans who died.

"It gives me goose bumps at my age and stage of the game," Frank Jones said.

Jones says he didn't know anyone who died that day but he finds the memorial very moving.

"It says it right there, broken dreams, and for us to carry on and make a better society," he said.

Others visiting from outside the U.S. say its design is powerful and invokes a feeling.

"It's the connection between the place and looking to the city beyond," said Renusca Papalexious of Brazil.

Trish Rensow from Manchester, England says the memorial holds more meaning for her after the terrorist attack in her hometown.

“It was a big statement to the world when Al Qaeda came to this country because until then, America was considered safe," Rensow said.

She added that showing solidarity with your allies is important.

"Even though we're different countries, we're in this together to fight terrorism," she said.

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